About The Moisture Festival

The Moisture Festival is the world's largest Comedy/Varietè festival, running for four weeks every spring in Seattle.

The festival is produced by a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, whose board of directors are Ron W. Bailey, Tim Furst, Maque DaVis, Jennifer Wensrich, Phil O'Brien, Katherine Bragdon, Sandy Neale, Thomas W. Hillier, Marv Osterhout, Mike Bailey, Bob Greco, Charly Castors, Amanda Lee, and Shirley Thom.


The loyal staff - essential to the success of the festival include Cheryl Angle (Development & Fundraising) Cathy Sutherland (Aerial Coordinator), Martha Enson and David Crellin (Burlesque Coordinators), Mary Fleischman (Bookkeeper and Box Office Coordinator), Kara Sweidel (Office Magician), Christina Bruce and Angela Parisi (Artist Liaison), Michael Marconi and Jay Nuske (Food Coordinators), Susan and Rodman Miller (Housing Coordinators), LJ & Rick Purtee (Ground Transportation Coordinators), Cathy Johnson (Flight Coordinator), Robin Worely (Merchandise Coordinator) and Randy Minkler (Director of Artist Intelligence).

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