Photo by David Rose Photography
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Hailed as “one of the aerial world’s most glamorous artists, with a style all her own” by Aerial Arts International Magazine, Quynbi is a Seattle-based aerialist, dancer, model, multimedia visual artist and licensed skydiver. A "true original in her own right," her distinctive aesthetic merges grace and amazing strength with intense flexibility, technical precision and a dark edge. Performing what the Stranger calls her “strange and wonderful dances in the air” for captivated audiences since 2006, Quynbi has graced the stage at notable venues such as the Museum of Flight, the Moore Theater, the Seattle and Bellevue Art Museums, the Showbox, the Seattle Opera House, Circus of Dreams, Teatro ZinZanni's Mezzo Lunatico, and Seattle’s famous Moisture Festival, the largest variety show in the world. Born into the world of show business, Seattle starlet Quynbi has “made a career-and a beautiful life-out of being innovative, creative, unique, and utterly amazing.” (Aerial Arts International Magazine)

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