Toy-Box Trio

Founded in 2007 by classical composer Harlan Glotzer, the Toy-Box Trio is devoted to helping audiences experience through-composed music in an entirely different way. The pairing of concertina, toy piano, and double bass is reminiscent of the classical piano trio a staple in chamber repertoire but able to extend into the 21st century by creating a sonic landscape evocative of dusty old music boxes and haunted carnivals. Michael Upchurch at the Seattle Times describes the trio's sound as A circus atmosphere dominates the trio's sound, but it's spiced with baroque touches, minimalist nods and a strong gypsy flavor. Toy-Box Trio is committed to approaching time-worn ideas and concepts from unexpected, non-traditional, and rarely-used angles. The trio fills the space between carnivals, circuses, and classical chamber ensembles, creating a fanciful sonic atmosphere.

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