House of Verlaine

An Exquisite Assemblage of Daring Classical Artists, House of Verlaine pushes the boundaries of burlesque and ballet by bringing to life the hedonistic classical fantasias that live in the mind of artistic director Lily Verlaine. The company is graced by of some of Seattle’s most accomplished and exciting classical dancers, including Tory Peil, Lara Seefeldt, Thomas Phelan, Davione Gordon, Marissa Quimby, Natascha Greenwalt and Sylvain Boulet (also known as the fabulous Paris Original.) House of Verlaine is the recipient of a 2016 GAP Award and is currently fundraising for an expansion of their 2016 premiere House of Verlaine’s Giselle. More info and ways to get involved can be found by clicking on the arrow to the left.

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