Arsene Dupin

Arsene Dupin will perform at the 2016 Moisture Festival with his partner Magical Mystical Michael ... they will perform as The Mouth Brothers ... please check their bio under that name. ************************************* Arsene has been performing magic, juggling, mime and comedy for 30 years. He is the resident magician at the "One World Theatre" in Austin, Texas and our friends from that area (Magical Mystical Michael, Rob Williams, Flaming Idiots) have encouraged us to bring him to Seattle audiences and this year we have. This is not his first performance outside of Texas, far from it Ö Arsene has performed around the world and Ö well Ö letís just say that residents of the White House have seen his magic before we will. It is a special treat to have him for his first time at the Moisture Festival. ******************************************** Again, to see more of Arsene this year, check the bio of The Mouth Brothers

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