Drew the Dramatic Fool

“A world-class visual comedian!”—Charleston Gazette ************************************** “Ingenious!”—Chicago Tribune ************************************** “If Teller of Penn & Teller had ever become pregnant by Harpo Marx, Drew Richardson would be the one to arrive out of that strange scientific amalgamation.”—Film Threat ************************************** Drew Richardson (Drew the Dramatic Fool) is best known as the first person in the 21st century to have new short silent movies shown before major motion pictures. Besides being a silent film star in the wrong century, Drew has been creating solo stage shows for the past thirty years, which he has performed from Austin to Austria. He has also toured with Squonk Opera and Daredevil Opera Company. Inspired by animated cartoons, silent comedians, absurdist plays, and his own foolish life, Drew creates comedy with heart for audiences who truly love to laugh. And now with a recently acquired Master of Foolish Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University, Drew continues to teach and direct for universities, festivals, and theatre companies, which have included Ohio University, Point Park Conservatory, The (Very) Physical Comedy Institute, MotionFest, and 500 Clown.

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