Moisture Festival
Benefit Shows

We are very dedicated to giving back to the generous community we are a part of in Seattle. Every year at the festival we produce several shows that benefit non-profit organizations.

At the 2015 Festival we produced shows to benefit Fremonstor Theatrical and Cascade Leadership Challenge.

Fremonstor Theatrical supports artists and performers. Fremonstor is the mothering ship for new artistic non-profits.

Cascade Leadership Challenge provides personal development and leadership opportunities for Seattle-area teenagers and young adults.

We will begin accepting applications for next year's Festival in November.

In past years the Moisture Festival has proudly donated benefit shows to The New Old Time Chautauqua, Circus Contraption, SANCA (School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts), "Aerlift" an aerial show presented by The Aerial Army of Love, Vashon Youth & Family Services, B. F. Day School Foundation/ B. F. Day Elementary School, Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, Clowns Without Borders, Fremont Arts Council, Hands for a Bridge, Phinney Neighborhood Association, Experimental Education Unit, and Backbone Campaign.



Beneficiary Program for 2017 Shows

Our Benefit Show Program application process will open in November of 2016. At that time Moisture Festival will be looking for 501(c)3 organizations to support through our 2017 benefit shows!  Does your organization have a robust contact list and a dedicated group of supporters? If so, consider partnering with the Moisture Festival to put on a benefit show. Application forms and contact info will be posted in November 2016.


Important information for potential beneficiaries:

• The beneficiary organization is expected to participate fully in event promotion, ticket sales and achieving a sold out show. Organizations that are able to rally supporters and fill the house will raise the most funds.

• Benefit shows will be presented as Sunday matinee shows at our Broadway Performance Hall venue.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do benefit shows work?
The Moisture Festival supplies the performers, crew, staff, and venue. The beneficiary is expected to promote the event to supporters and supply the bulk of the audience. The Moisture Festival deducts the cost of putting on the show (theater rental, tech staff payment, insurance, etc.) from the gross receipts and donates the remainder to the beneficiary. In recent years benefit show costs have ranged from $1500 to $2300, depending on numerous factors.

How much money will my organization earn?
It depends on how many of your organization’s supporters come to the show!  Previous beneficiaries have netted between $1,000 and $3,500 from benefit shows.

Can my organization supply some or all of the performers?
Yes, this is an option pending approval by the Moisture Festival producers. Please note in your application that you wish to provide performers. If accepted, all performers need to be approved by the Moisture Festival at least one month in advance to assure the continuity of the show with the overall festival.
If accepted, all performers would need to sign a Moisture Festival release of liability form. If the beneficiary organization is providing performers, it will be assumed that performers do not expect payment. If payment is expected, it will need to be provided by the beneficiary (not the Moisture Festival).

No fire or animal acts are allowed. Aerial acts will be required to provide proof of insurance. If the show is at 3:00pm, all material in the show should be appropriate for audience members of all ages.

How do I apply?
Fill out the application form (available for download in the autumn) and submit it before January 15, 2016. Email completed forms to benefitshows <at> moisturefestival <dot> org or mail to PO Box 17484, Seattle 98127.