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Thank you for becoming a STAR in our donor galaxy!

Our goal is to raise $40,000 in 2015 to support the 2016 festival. Here you can see all the donors who gave $100 or more to shine in our donor galaxy! Look for their stars, comets and novas on the wall at Hale's Palladium through the end of the 2016 festival! CLICK HERE for a full list of donors.

DONATE TODAY and get your name in the stars!

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Chris Banta
Mark Beauchamp
Lee Heck Bill McGee
Sandy Boeskov
Marshall Butler
Errin Byrd
Margaret Campbell
James Dwight Carol Hudson
Connie Case
Robin Chase
Wanda Corcoran
Sherrie Crow
Gary Crow
Helen Curtis
Alan & Barbara Davidoff
McClelland Davis
Maque DaVis
Christopher Dowsing
David Edelstein
Janet Egger
Chris Ervine
Rose Feliciano
Mary Fleischman
Leslie Foley
Timothy Ford
Aaron & Erin Fortschild
Tara Gallagher
Daniel Gamelin
Tim Gonzalez-Wilder
Cory Gooch
Katherine Gordon
Lynn & Brian Grant Family
Bob Greco
Tom Hillier
Don Horn
Heidi Houghton
Inara, Thalia, Jackie & Mark
Jennifer Johnson
Charles Keller
Katherine Knowlton
Karen Koon
BJ Last
Philip and Karen Lloyd
Rubber Chicken Man Steve
Anna & Paul Mc
James McCutchan
Wilma Shaw & Mike Tidwell
Glen Mitchell
Aki Namioka
Daniel O'Brien
Mary Oliver
Oliver & Elise
Marvin Osterhout
Lori Pederson
Katherine Ransel
Sally Roberts
Linda & Greg Stevenson Scott & Lori Kruse
Bob & Myrna Sherman
Reta J. Smith
Eben Sprinsock
Carolyn Stein
Dick & Carrie Stein
Finn Stitham
Kurt & Jacalyn Swanson
Christian Swenson
Emily Transue
Christopher Troth
Mary Kay Voytilla
Jorie Wackerman
Jim Wallen
Gary Watts
Heather Weihl
Jennifer Wensrich
Susan Willia